About us

Lions Den is a membership driven gym that specializes in personal training, rehabilitation, and chiropractic work. Located in Pomona, California. We are here to create a family of lifters and competitors, or any fitness goal you have in mind. No matter your level of fitness – beginner or advanced, younger or older. Lions Den family thrives on helping everyone to reach their goals and potential and exceed limitations.


Here at Lion’s Den we focus on personal training and Rehab, which includes, physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic therapy. We believe our trainers and our rehab center will guide you to the right path to help you reach your goals faster, safer and give you the support you need to reach the goal you are working for. No matter the goal is, we are here to help. Don’t know where to start? Have injuries you want to work with? contact us and book an appointment with our PT and rehab center to get you started with your journey!

What People Say

Getting better each week. Atmosphere is great. The Grind Doesn’t Know What Day Of The Week It Is. Personal trainers are friendly and real full of info. Looks like this will be come my Home Gym. -_- Legend


Gym is absolutely next level. They care about you as a member and appreciate your business. They have all the equipment necessary to change yourself into a better version of well you !. Give it a try and it’s worth it compared to those massive companies like la fitness and planet fitness who are after your money.

Venney Nicola

Bulletproof management and training team. Some of the best training around to really push you through your mental and physical limits. The gym is beautiful and the community is going to be one that supports you as you go through your journey to become stronger. Like the sign says on the wall of the entrance, blood, sweat, and respect. It’s a good culture

Parker Jennings

Let’s build a better you together.